Nail salon 26037, Follansbee Nails & Spa



Deep Clean Pedicure $35

Sugar Scrub is used along with callus remover to exfoliate dead skin on your legs and feet to effectively remove thick callus and relaxing massage

Spa Pedicure $45

This is an extended version of our Spa Pedicure with Honey Scrub to exfoliate and hydrate your feet, followed by cooling Masque and Paraffin wax, steamed towels, and relaxing massage. This service will give you very healthy soft skin and paraffin wax.

Deluxe Pedicure $50

Spa Pedicure by OPI Ultimate Starts the purifying footbath with grapefruit and tea tree, which softens the calluses in Green Tea Extract. Scrub with natural sugar crystals, Papaya Pineapple, and coffer to smoothen skin with Avocado Liquid Complex, Then a hydrating clay foot masque with a cooling method and paraffin wax to moisturize your soft skin and finish off with an OPI massage and moisturizing lotion with a soothing Botanical Extract.

Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $55

Our extended version of your Spa Pedicure is a deeply relaxing food treatment that is great for tired and sore feet, followed by a Hot Stone foot and leg massage, along with sweet Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and soften your skin with OPI masque, and paraffin wax.

Pearl Spa Pedicure $60

Smooth as a fine pearl. This 6 steps relaxing Pedicure is to ensure you with soft touchable feet. You will begin with your feet in a soothing pearl soak. Cuticles and nails will be properly groomed, deep cleansing to remove excess dead skin cells. A pearl fine sugar scrub will be massaged for better exfoliation on dry skin, and a pearl hydrating mask will be applied and wrapped in warm towels for better penetration. Sit back and relax as your feet and legs will be massage. Last, but not least, an ultra-soft pearl-infused lotion will be applied. Definitely soft and healthy skin. For this special type of pedicure, please notify us in advance, not at the chair. For more detail about the Pearl Spa and paraffin wax.

Jelly Hot Stone Pedicure $65

Our signature pedicure is the only pedicure in town that is truly a unique spa experience. All spa pedicure treatments included a jelly bath salt that helps soften your heels to remove callus. There are two components to our pedicure. This first component turns the warm water into a translucent, fluffy jelly, which will retain its heat up to four times longer than regular water. And the second component uses hot rocks to release any stress and aching of the muscles. A warm, ultra-moisturizing mask applied followed by a hydrating hot towel wrapped around both legs. To complete a ritual finish, both feet are dipped into our amazing paraffin wax.

Gel Polish for Toenails Add $15
French Tips Add $5
Cat Eye Add $5


Classic Manicure $18

We will shape your natural nail and clean cuticles, massage and hydrate your arms and hands, and finish with polish of your choice.

Manicure Gel Polish $35

(Gel Take-off Add $5)

We will shape your natural nail and clean cuticles, massage and hydrate your arms and hands, and finish with polish of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure $45

(Gel Polish Add $10)

The Deluxe Manicure includes an extravagant mandarin exfoliation scrub, clay purifying mask with warm towels and paraffin wax, hand massage that leaves hands smooth, hydrated, and younger-looking. It lightens age spots and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, with the Deluxe Manicure there is extra massage.

Gel Take-off Add $5
French Add $5

Kids Pedicure & Manicure

Kids Manicure (under 10) $10
Kids Pedicure (under 10) $20
Polish Change Fingernails $5
Polish Change Toenails $5
Gel Polish Change for Fingernails $15
Gel Polish Change for Toenails $20

Acrylic Nails

Opaque acrylic powdẻ is used to create artificial nails

Almond and Coffin Shapes Add $5
Long Nail Add $5
Nail Take-Off Add $5
Nail Cut Down $5

Full Set

Regular Polish $35
White Tip $40
Gel Polish $45
Pink & White $55
Ombre $55


Regular Polish $25
White Tip $25
Gel Polish Change for Fingernails $35
Pink & White $50
Pink Only $30
Ombre $45
Powder Color $40

Dipping Powder

Dip on Natural Nails $45
Dip on White Tip $50
Dip on Color Tip $55
Dip Ombre $55
Manicure and Dip Add $10
Tip on Add $5
Almond and Coffin Shapes Add $5
Nail Take-Off $5

Waxing Service

Eyebrows $10
Upper Lip $7
Chin $8 & up
Full Face $35 & up
Under Arms $25 & up
Full Arms $45
Half Legs $45
Full Legs $60
Chest $45 & up
Back $40 & up

Additional Services

Nail Repair $3 & up
Nail Design (2) $5
Nail Cut Down $3 & up
Nail Take-Off (w/any full set) $5
Nail Take-Off Only $10
Any Color Tips $5
Polish Change Fingernails $10
Polish Change for Toenails $15
Gel Polish Change for Fingernails $20
Gel Polish Change for Toenails $25